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26th-Apr-2010 07:04 pm - tweetie pie
  • 13:50 Ok so I am back on twitter now xD #
  • 13:50 I just paid the customs fees, and my dreamv order will be arriving tomorrow! It has been so long I can't remember what I ordered :S #
  • 14:05 @Kikume I can't remember xD Summer gyaru clothes :P I have liz lisa stuff from gyaru_sales community, and also using a shopping service #
  • 14:35 @Kikume Yeah it's all floral-cowgirl ish theme at the moment hehe, so cute :) My new hair doesnt match with gyaru though, that is sad ;_; #
  • 14:52 @Kikume I don't want to wear wigs for everyday things.. they get tangled to easily :S #
26th-Mar-2010 07:04 pm - tweetie pie
  • 13:33 @GdwnsnHo woop woop :D I got heartgold ~ #
25th-Mar-2010 07:03 pm - tweetie pie

  • 21:12 yay! 3rd in the cute ranking, thanks everyone who sutekied <3 #

23rd-Mar-2010 07:01 pm - tweetie pie
  • 19:54 we are getting a kitty <3 But I won't get to see it much... #
  • 19:57 also, name suggestions for a ginger kitten? xD Garfield is too tacky apparently. We dunno the gender either. #
  • 02:37 @Kikume I would, but my parents don't want a pedegree (they get ill easily) and are getting a kitten from someone at mum's work #
19th-Mar-2010 07:02 pm - tweetie pie

  • 21:16 Lol a psychologist called Boring, very true to the name. #

18th-Mar-2010 07:03 pm - tweetie pie

  • 20:09 essay nooooooo >___< #
  • 20:23 @Kikume ah ok ^_^ shame you cant come to the tea party on sunday ;_; #
  • 01:43 3 tokyo disney hats are mine <3 yay! #
  • 01:43 goddam why is this essay so hard ;_; Psychology smells. #
  • 02:04 pretzel you turned the living room plugs off ;_; Mah shell hunt!! xD #
  • 02:47 I hope when I go home my parents will take me shopping xD *thinks happy thoughts to distract from essay* #
  • 02:49 my pokemon heart gold almost got sent to my uni address, but it is released when I will be at my parents xD #
17th-Mar-2010 07:04 pm - tweetie pie
  • 01:22 @Kikume You are already thin *shakes fist* damn you asians and your genetics xD #
  • 01:23 I am so fed up of doing essays. I am supposed to be doing a BSc, not BA. So why is every single piece of work I do an essay D: FML #
  • 01:38 @Kikume Not in Psychology... everything you write must be referenced to a paper :( #
  • 01:39 @Kikume I don't believe you haha xD Just try exercise I guess, to tone up. But I can't really give advice, since I don't exercise myself xD #
  • 02:10 @Kikume hehe when I have an essay to do, I need lots of comfort food xD I've eaten two big bars of galaxy chocolate this afternoon :O #
10th-Mar-2010 07:03 pm - tweetie pie
  • 01:20 Heinz beef ravioli, one of your five-a-day. No jokes :P #
  • 02:12 just 16 days till the new pokemon is out :B #
8th-Mar-2010 07:02 pm - tweetie pie
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